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At Professional Partners, we operate a highly skilled approach to car finance. We use our home loan experience to minimise affordability related risks and make obtaining car loans simple.

Car Loan Pre-Approval

If you’re looking to purchase a car it makes sense to first acquire pre approval. Like when purchasing a home it’s great to know your limits and repayments ahead of time. Not to mention, once you’re approved your negotiation power at the dealership will significantly increase!

Car Buyers Advocate Service 

Obtaining a car for the best possible price can be challenging! If you gain pre-approval with us we can provide you with complimentary access to a Car Buyers Advocate Service. Simply relay the model, year, colour and all other defining specifications and they will be able to present you with the car deals they deem as best on the market.

As the lending laws around Australia evolve it makes sense to turn to experts you trust for advice and  finance decisions. If you are considering purchasing a car we can help make the process simple and financially safe.

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