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We’ve built our business on industry expertise, professional ethics and top-notch service. We operate with fairness, frankness and goodwill in everything we do.

Core Values

But we understand, when you’re looking for the right mortgage broker, that the idea of ‘good advice’ can seem some what intangible.

Luckily, the results of our good advice are visible in the very bricks and mortar our clients have successfully acquired. For testimonial proof, see what our clients have to say about our services.

Still, we understand your concerns about decisions, outcomes and trust in business relationships – especially when it comes to your finances. And yes, we appreciate that in life there are no guarantees. However, one thing we can guarantee is our service to you.

Core Value Guarantees

Transparency– we research the market thoroughly and provide available options, educating you about the best possible outcomes so you can make informed finance decisions with clarity and confidence.

Integrity– the cornerstone of our company culture. We act with candor, courtesy and respect for clients, business partners and staff alike.

Confidentiality– our clients’ privacy is not negotiable. You can be confident that any personal information we hold will be protected.

Dependability– we pride ourselves on being responsive and not just in the short term. Throughout the mortgage process and beyond settlement we’re a valuable resource you can depend on.

Excellence– we put 100% effort in every day so that we can confidently ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Everything we do is geared towards getting you the result you seek.

Efficiency– we make sure your loan is processed as quickly and with as little fuss as possible, promptly addressing your questions or concerns along the way.


Peace of Mind Guarantees

Whether you are purchasing your first home, upgrading or investing, entrusting Professional Partners to look after your financing solution gives you peace of mind.

We guarantee:

  • All mortgage recommendations will be presented to you in a comprehensive mortgage report.
  • The mortgage recommendation will be tailored to your individual situation.
  • You will be provided the opportunity to consider your options and discuss them with your consultant.
  • We conduct an annual review to discuss your finances and where appropriate make changes for major life events and any mortgage market developments.
  • We will provide you with honest and frank advice at all times.

Let us help you make the best decisions about your home ownership goals and lighten your finance-decision making load.

The right partner makes all the difference

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